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If you are a team captain wanting to build a team please send us an email and you will be sent instructions on how to view the list of folks who are looking for teams.  There was a note in the USBC brochure ,last page  JACKPOT!  that said ”We have reserved team squad availability on May 17 and 19 and May 28-30 2017 and are holding these dates until June 25, 2016 so Act Fast”

The Home page is an attempt to allow everybody to comment on ways to improve functionality of the site. It also includes some generic tips on ways to improve one’s game Initially the categories will include ‘Site Suggestions” (What would make this site better and more useful to the bowlers.) “Bowling Tips” (How can I improve my game or increase my average) “Tournaments” (What tournaments are upcoming and how can I participate) (What happened at what tournament) We’re trying to make this site as useful as possible for the bowling community so please visit the The Home page to leave comments on how it can be improved.