Boston and Brockton Bowlers

And anyone else that wants to go to keep abreast of the New England Area Bowling Tournaments

My name is Bill Higgins, most of you know me as a pretty, inconsistant bowler, at best.  You probably don’t know that I’m also an independent entrepreneur specializing in web development and SEO marketing.

This Site is a labor of love and represents an idea that was hatched while in Dallas at the TNBA Nationals in May, 2016.  It was originally intended to facilitate team building for folks interested in bowling both the TNBA and USBC tournaments in Las Vegas, NE in 2017.  The idea was that people would sign up on a list of bowlers needing to be placed on a team.  The site administrators (I) would provide a seperate email account to avoid spam being sent to a bowlers personal address and facilitate communications between Team Captains and bowlers.   I presented the idea at an informal meeting held at Westgate Lanes, scheduled by Will Cabral and Moe Weakley. I planned to have it fully completed by the time entry sign ups for both events were closed.  But the work proved to be more than I expected.

The original intent,  to develop a list of folks interested in attending the Las Vegas events morphed into a bowling community site where bowlers can discuss bowling with each other. It is free, gratis, don’t cost you nothing, zero, zilch, nada not one red cent.  In the interest of full disclosure, there is a possibility that, through strategically placed advertisements, the site will generate enough money to pay for itself.  Should the site generate additional revenue above costs, we will use those funds to purchase Dye Sublimated Bowling shirts for everyone that signs up for a free email account.  CLICK on the Contact button for additional details.  I realized today, when I couldn’t find a partner to bowl the Providence TNBA doubles tournament, that the original team building purpose was still valid.

I was thinking something like Boston or Brockton or New England, Vegas or Bust Ultimately everyone that sign’s up will have a vote.

Through my hosting server, I have the ability to provide email addresses for everyone so upon sign up I will create a yourname@bbbowling.xyx account for you. This will eliminate the possibility of spam being sent to your existing email address, and facilitate team building. Once you have received your new email address, your access portal is below.  More


You will receive an email with …@bbbowling.xyz email account and instructions on how to access it. It will be exactly like your existing address except every everything after, and including  the @ sign will be bbbowling.xyz  If you don’t have a team already, we will use this address to notify you of team openings and to update you on other bowling related developments.  Oh yea, I’m going to Kick A__ this season.

Note:  I had originally intended to include a blog feature, but realized I couldn’t begin to hold a candle to the fine work being done by Richie over at www.thetenthboard.com .  I intend to refer all my visitors there for better content about the local scene than I could ever hope to provide.  I’ll concentrate my efforts on providing other useful information and apps, like instructional tips that I’ll research and publish.  I hope this will be acceptable to Richie.

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